• Rope climbs (unkotted)
  • Ten unbroken DU
  • Get back my 20 inch box jump
  • Handstands
  • Unassisted PU
  • Hold Wheel Pose for longer time
  • Add depth to my split
  • Get below parallel
  • Close my stance in squats
  • Add more weight to Cleans and Snatches
  • Develop proper form when lifting (keeping bar close to my body)


  • Try four new healthy recipes per month
  • Cut down on pretzel intake
  • Start making smoothies
  • Stop stress eating at work
  • Meal prep


  • Find a new hobby/interest
  • Tackle stress in a better, healthier way
  • Stand up for myself/speak up
  • Get massages and facials more often
  • Visit my Dad every six months
  • Read one book per month

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